Can I take a ReeCycle class? You bet your arse you can! Intensity is decided by YOU! With our state of the art Keiser M3 Indoor Bikes, the tension is controlled by the rider. Although, we bet you'll catch the bug and want to work hard in the upbeat atmosphere, encouraged by your certified and motivating instructors!
What should I bring to a ReeCycle class? Always bring with you a change of stiff-soled, clean and dry shoes (we like to keep our space free of dirt and sand --- the bikes work better that way). Hydration is a MUST, so a large, full water bottle. Bonus points for bringing your positive attitude and willingness to sweat! Always arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the start of class to get set up on the bike and settle in!
What should I bring for Reefuel Yoga Classes? Please arrive free of odors - we want you to make friends, not smellemies. Wear deodorant, NO PERFUME OR COLOGNE. Please spit out gum and mints before the start of class. Don't smell like smoke (additionally, have you heard its bad for your health? Just don't smoke!). Bring a yoga mat; if you don't have one Reefuel has rental mats available for $2. If you're taking a heated class, drink a lot of water prior to class and do not eat right before the start. We recommend a towel for your mat to prevent slipping (Shameless plug: We sell them:)). For safety of the studio and it's participants, Reefuel doors will be locked two minutes prior to the start of class.
Can I bring my children? We love your kids as much as you do (ok, not that much), but this is space is for YOU. Have a sitter or a spouse take care of the kiddos while you sweat it out. If you're looking to incorporate yoga into your youngins' world, check the schedule for upcoming Yoga Kids' Camps!
Do I have to register in advance for class? It is not required, but it is certainly recommended. Several classes fill up in advance and the only way to guarantee a spot is to reserve one online.
What if I registered for class, but will be late? Seats will be given away to Reefuelers waiting at five minutes prior to the start of class, so arrive early to keep your seat. To be courteous to all riders at Reefuel, be on time. To guarantee that the spot your reserved online is saved, be on time. To provide enough time for your body to warm up, be on time. To be respectful to your instructors, be on time. To not get locked out from a yoga class, be on time (Reefuel doors will be locked at two minutes prior to the start of yoga classes).

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